A Natural Approach to Seasonal Issues

Anyone who has “rip your eye balls out” kind of seasonal allergies can attest to how uncomfortable it can be! The symptoms are not different for our canine buddies. Pollen, grasses, trees,  insects, household chemicals and even dust and mold. When dogs and cats start to show symptoms of allergies they can manifest in many waysRead More »

Switching to Raw-Puppies & Kitties and Dogs & Cats

  Whether you have an adult dog in need of a health boost or a rambunctious puppy looking to have a healthy life from the start; a raw diet is for young and old canines alike. As for cats, well, it’s very much the same. We want our animals healthy from as early as possibleRead More »

Raw Diet Distress

When people switch their pets to a healthy raw diet they often learn a few other things as well. The first thing that I realized was that I really needed to stop wasting money at the Vet’s Office. Trust me, I love my Vet and don’t hesitate to go when needed but after every boutRead More »

Raw Diet for Pets F.A.Q.

When I explain to people that I’ve put my dog Moose on a species-appropriate diet, or when they see my cat Frankie munching on a chicken wing, I get A LOT of questions. I will share some of the legitimate and some of the outrageous comments and questions I’ve received and the answers (in myRead More »

Raw and Natural – Introduction

Ever since I first picked up my 8 week -old Golden Retriever/Poodle mix Moose, I have spent a lot of time researching and studying how to make his life happy and healthy. While battling the first 6 months of puppyhood I began to witness signs of a food allergy. Moose would shake his head violentlyRead More »