Switching to Raw-Puppies & Kitties and Dogs & Cats

  Whether you have an adult dog in need of a health boost or a rambunctious puppy looking to have a healthy life from the start; a raw diet is for young and old canines alike. As for cats, well, it’s very much the same. We want our animals healthy from as early as possibleRead More »

Raw Diet Distress

When people switch their pets to a healthy raw diet they often learn a few other things as well. The first thing that I realized was that I really needed to stop wasting money at the Vet’s Office. Trust me, I love my Vet and don’t hesitate to go when needed but after every boutRead More »

Raw Diet for Pets F.A.Q.

When I explain to people that I’ve put my dog Moose on a species-appropriate diet, or when they see my cat Frankie munching on a chicken wing, I get A LOT of questions. I will share some of the legitimate and some of the outrageous comments and questions I’ve received and the answers (in myRead More »

Raw and Natural – Introduction

Ever since I first picked up my 8 week -old Golden Retriever/Poodle mix Moose, I have spent a lot of time researching and studying how to make his life happy and healthy. While battling the first 6 months of puppyhood I began to witness signs of a food allergy. Moose would shake his head violentlyRead More »