Welcome to the Revolution

Dog with a bone

Pack walks, private walks, puppy visits, in home training and nutrition counselling are just a glimpse of what we offer at K9 Revolution. We live and breathe for your K9 companions and strive on giving your dog the daily rigorous exercise needed in order to ensure a healthy body, mind and promote a long life!

We take being dog walkers in Brooklin and Whitby very seriously. Pack walks are conducted on our private 50+ acre property in Brooklin, where your dog gets to travel off leash with a stable pack. For dogs who prefer traveling solo, we offer private walks and are able to accommodate to any behavioral needs. Our goal is provide exemplary services and establishing a solid foundation while using positive play.

We are certified in K9 First Aid and believe in keeping ourselves up-to-date with training and nutrition. We can help you follow through with your current regime OR we can help you build a solid foundation to work on. Whatever needs you and your beloved pet have you can rest assure that K9 Revolution has a solution for you! Contact us today to start enjoying a healthy relationship with your dog.